Seared Tuna on Crispy Tortilla with Cilantro Sauce

This is one of our favourite appetizers. We love fish Tuna, Salmon, Swai, Cod any they are all good. My husband request this appetizer every time that I purchase Tuna. Easy to put together and so much flavor.





8 oz Tuna steak

2 tbsp sesame seeds

pan spray or 1 tbsp oil

5 six-inch tortilla

1/2 avocado

1 cup shredded cabbage

1 small jalapeno

1/4 cup cilantro

1/2 lime

3/4 cup mayo

1/2 tsp sugar

sirachacha Sauce optional


To Prepare

Salt tuna steak and sprinkle with sesame seeds on all sides. Sear about 20 seconds per side and remove promptly from heat. let it rest on cutting board.

While tuna is resting make sauce. in small food processor combine cilantro, lime juice, lime zest of half lime, mayo and sugar blend until well blended. if too thick add a bit of water.

Slice tortillas in half and toast both side brushed with oil or broil. watching not to burn. Lay them out on pretty platter.

Top each half of tortilla with cabbage, thinly sliced Jalapeno, Sliced avocado and thinly sliced Tuna. Top with sauce and dot with Sirachacha sauce for extra heat.



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