Vietnamese Sandwich (Beef Bánh Mì)

I am far from being Vietnamese but I do enjoy food from that part of the continent. The first time I was introduced to this sandwich was by my hubby and I fell in love right away. But since the closest restaurant that we go and get them is about one hour away I make them at home that fixes my craving until the next time I get one that is authentic. please enjoy.




6 Crusty French Rolls

24 slices cucumber

24 slices Jalapeno


1/2 cup Mayo

1 large thinly julliened carrot

1 large daikon Julliened

2 tbsp granulated sugar

1/4 cup rice vinegar

1 lb beef steak (flank)

6 oz Mongolian marinade

or Tariyaki Marinade


To Prepare;

Combine Carrots, Diakon in bowl and mix with vinegar and sugar let marinate.

thinly slice steak and marinate in Mongolian sauce about 45 min. After meat is done marinating I used a cooling rack to broil in my oven until chard if you put it on pan meat will steam in juice.

Start by assembling your sandwich by slicing bread and coating with mayo, add cucumber slices, Jalapeno, meat, carrots and cilantro.

It really does take the craving away.




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