Chocolate Salami with Walnuts No Bake Dessert

I have been very busy with a second baby at home, its not that easy adjusting since my little Maya is four years old. Baby Ella was born in November and so I need quick desserts, that I can come up with when company comes over. We have this tradition that goes as far back as I can remember. When baby is born you have guest that come and chat and admire your child that was born, coming from a large family we have them often. I will post about that later. But anyway this is a very easy dessert that is very tasty. Enjoy. This is so easy to make that little hands can help make it.


2 1/2 cups Animal / Vanilla Crackers

1 14 OZ condensed milk

2 sticks of butter (melted)

5 tbs coco powder

1 tbs Vanilla

1 cup walnuts

To Prepare

in a large bowl break up cookies into small pieces I used half animal crackers half vanilla wafer cookies. add Walnuts.

Mix condensed milk, butter, coco powder and Vanilla until well combined.

Pour into cracker mixture and mix until well combined. *Take wax paper or plastic wrap and coated it with coco powder and put half mixture onto wrap. form into a log and firmly wrap it. Tie ends securely and leave it in the fridge or freezer overnight. or until firm slice and serve.

I used Sushi Roller mat to help me shape it. I think its very useful to have one at home.

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