Homemade Cranberry Citrus Fruit Juice Kampot with Honey

With Cranberries in season right now, I make my own juice or Kampot. of course with all the benefits of drinking it without any extra ingredients I will take this over any Soda any day. Kampot is good hot, cold or warm and will go perfect with your Thanksgiving meal. And as you can tell the cute little Gingerbread village was made by my beautiful daughter!


2 gallons water

16 oz fresh cranberries

1 large orange peeled and sliced

2 large lemons peeled and sliced

1 apple

1 cup Honey or more


To Prepare

Fill large pot with water I use faucet water, add cranberries, sliced Orange, sliced lemon and sliced apple bring to a boil and let it simmer for 10 minutes. cover and let it cool sweeten with Honey or Organic sugar. If you will drink it hot let it simmer for 25 minutes instead of 10.

strain and enjoy.


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